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Another site announcement 

Maybe you’ve noticed, the blog has a new and shorter URL;

The old URL ( still works.

Modern Times image from

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Jake 2005-2016

Truly was a friend.


Site announcement

Yeah, I’ve been quiet for a while and I’m very much behind in answering comments. I’ll be dealing with that very soon, thanks for your patience.

Main announcement though is that for a few months I’ve been hitting the 3Gb limit of the free wordpress blog plan. I’ve used some very simple jiggery pockery to post pics in the last few blog entries. To be quite honest I baulked at the cost of the upgrade to boost storage to 13Gb ( US$100 per year). 

But I broke down and have just now ponied up for the upgrade. One obvious change you’ll notice is no more ads. Well no more ads placed in the blog without my consent. 

Well that’s that. Back to regularly scheduled programming soon.



Trailer – Parker helps Rose dispose of a body

Parker Helps Rose Dispose of a Body Trailer from Grey Eighteen Media on Vimeo.


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Admin – sorry about blog glitches 

The picture scaling issues and inability to to get full sized image when image clicked are my fault. I’m working on fixing it.

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Interesting little film trailer

yeah, I’ve got good reason to post this here 🙂



Sorry for the dearth of postings

apologies for the silence over the last few months, I’m getting back on it. I have a few vanagon modification postings in the chamber, will be posting them in the next couple of days.


i also have to catch up on comments.