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Old pictures IV

Can’t mistake this one, Avro Anson. 

Or maybe I can.

Nope, it’s an Airspeed oxford. Found the markings here,

“NZ1260 Mk.1 



Mark I.

 Built by Airspeed Ltd, Portsmouth, England. BOC with Unit No.1, Hobsonville on 19 August 1940. Sold to J. Gould from Woodbourne on 10 July 1947 on WARB release number 8629.”

Oxford pics from the net 

Anson pics from the net


Old pictures III

Easy one here, Corsair F4U right?  Fleet Air Arm markings right? 

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Old pictures II

I’m having a brainstone with this one. Interwar British biplane right? I’m sure I’ve seen a pic of it before but I’m drawing a blank.

Update July 29, 2017, it’s a Hawker Hart.

And, I found this bit of info on a forum thread ( Annoyingly, the pics mentioned are photobucket links and are not showing up in the thread.

“These Harts are part of the first production batch of 15 (J9933-J9947), of which nearly all served with 33Sqn; the exceptions being J9933, which served with the manufacturers in several different trials, and J9947, which went out to 39Sqn at Raisalpur for tropical trials against its Wapiti IIAs. 

J9939 – 33Sqn 5/3/30 – 10/31; to 51Sqn

J9936 – 33Sqn 27/2/30 – 10/31; to 57Sqn

J9934 – 33Sqn 15/3/30; with 18Sqn 9/11/31;

J9946 – 33Sqn 8/5/30 (was fitted with a DC conversion set for trials, authorised 13/3/30); to MKRS 19/6/30 for Brussels meeting, then to 33Sqn 13/9/30; MKRS for demonstration purposes 19/9/30; eventually to 18Sqn 29/10/31 .”

And I found this excerpt of Transcript of RAF Operational Record Book of No. 33 Squadron based at RAF Eastchurch 14 Sep 1929 through 4 Nov 1930

27/2 Hawker Hart J.9936 received in unit
28/2 Hawker Hart J.9938 received in unit
1/3 Hawker Hart J.9940 received in unit
5/3 Hawker Hart J.9939 received in un
15/3 Hawker Hart J.9934 and J.9941 received in unit
Ok, good guesses in the comments, thanks. Is it a Hind?

Or a Hart? 

Look at the markings. My pic is J9934, the pic Hart pic above is J9933. I’m saying it’s a Hart in my old pic.


Old pictures I

Got a couple of old pics of airplanes. Not completely sure of the identity of some of them, I’ll make a guess and I hope I can be confirmed or corrected.

This one I’m guessing is a Short Singapore, Wikipedia entry

And this info (

“The Singapore I did not go into production, but in August 1933 the Air Ministry ordered four development aircraft from Shorts to Spec. R 3/33 for trials at the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment and with squadrons, these being the first Mk. IIIs. The first Mk. III (K 3592) flew on 15 June 1934. Production terminated with K 8859 in June 1937 after 37 had been built for the RAF. The five production batches were K 3592-3595, K 4577-4585, K 6907 – 6922, K 8565-8568 and K 8856-8859.”

Wikipedia pic follows, pretty close match or not? 

And this very interesting link,

Has these pics of the same plane that’s in my photo.

And this almost looks like a copy of my pic.


ATA – something’s missing


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ATA – through the chain link fence

It has been a while since I posted an aviation pic, but I had occasion to drive past the Viking Air building and took their snap through the chain link fence. Boy, sure looks like mid August rather than the beginning of July.

Viking July 2015

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ATA – Early summer Beaver report

North Island correspondent Phil Z. sent some pics of Campbell River Beavers with focus on cabin windows.



Uodate: Phil writes that this is a turbo V8 engine in Beaver pictured above. More info here


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Campbell River report

North Island correspondent Phil Z. sent me a few pics over the winter.

Rain and a fairly high tide makes it look like the boats can come right on the parking lot.   


Douglas Squirrel catching Phil’s flash.

Trying not to use the word iconic, dammit, too late.

And the turbo prop Beaver.



Hey Mister, yer missing the Beaver. 

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ATA – Beaver crossing

Been quite some times since I have posted a plane pic here. I dunno why. But I couldn’t help but get one while driving near my house today. Beaver about to cross the road.






Around another Airport – vintage Beaver edition

My northern correspondent (Phil Z.) sent me this today.
Vintagebeaver   “Walking the Campbell River Spit this afternoon gave up this photo op. The
1950’s Chevy Coupe is actually older than the Beaver by a few
years.. C-FCDT Serial# 390 delivered, 1952 to the US AirForce”

Edit: So can anyone nail the age of the Chevy? Could it be, judging by the pics in the brochures here,a Styleline Coupe, ’49-’52?


AAA – around another airport – Campbell River reports

Over the summer Phil Z., my man in Campbell River, has been sending some plane pics in…

Gull on turbo Otter.



Engine cowling off turbo Otter.



“A few interesting developments at the Sealand Aviation skunkworks out on the CR Spit.Surrounded by tourists, Tyee fishers and 100’s of Canada Geese; no one expects cutting edge experimental work on the DeHavilland Beaver Aircraft..”


“flight consisted of ground loops (actually water loops cuz of the floats) The mechanic felt they should have the looping problem solved soon. The radial engine tractor-power remains top-secret-crypto. No info available, even at the pub.”


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ATA – Sikorsky S61N

Been a while since last aircraft pic, but spotted this one for first time today. Owned by VIH, but not painted in their colours.

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AAA – around another airport – Clifton, Union Island

I have posted some of these pics before, but here they are again with some notes.

First, Twotter, on final into airport. Wind is always strong and the approach is over a hill west of the strip so the plan has to drop down quickly. It reminds me of a great blue heron landing – trying hard to lose lift. Landing distance impressively short, as is the take-off distance.

The airport is unlit, here is the result of a forced night time landing. The story was a bit unclear, something to do with a group of Venezuelan business men…

There is a Mercedes firetruck on duty. Too big for the garage?

AA5B Tiger (I think I have that right) that I had a ride in.

On landing approach, close to the same spot the Otter was in the first pic.

And just about down.


ATA – snow

Our yearly snow event, chased all the planes away.

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ATA – more Alphajets

One in interesting colours.

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ATA – December 8 2011

Maybe Angus will ID the jets? Update: he did – Challenger 604 on the right, and probably a Gulfstream G450 on the left.

A shot of another VIH Kamov here.


ATA – Nanchang CJ-6

Got a couple of quick snaps of one of the local Nanchamg CJ-6‘s taxiing today. From the reg. # it is a CJ-6a.

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AAA – around another airport

Congratulations to fellow Vanagon mailing listmember Frank G. on the successful launch of the Curiosity Rover. Frank sent these pics:


ATA – scrapyard finds

Local metal recyclers must have a contract with one of the aviation companies around here for I’ve been seeing more aircraft parts in the yard. Wing sections, helicopter sections, and recently – these motors.

Update: the engines are from the BC aviation museum. Sometimes hard to understand why museums chuck stuff out, but there are space and money constraints I guess.


ATA – float plane tugs

Wet and stormy here and I can’t be arsed to photograph the viscous coupling plate pairs and comment on the wear patterns and present the theories  of plate shape and hump condition. So instead, here are three pictures of float plane tugs taken today.

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ATA – fly past on November 11

Heard the drone of multiple piston engines around 1015 this morning, caught them on their second pass. Nanching CJ-6.


ATA – Vickers Viscount at BC aviation museum almost finished

The museum is only a 5 min drive from my house, and dropped by this afternoon to get my fix. The restoration of the Vickers Viscount is almost complete, the interior looks great. Other pictures of the Viscount can be found here and there on this blog, more pictures and the history of this particular plane is found here. The Harvard in the workshop just got a fresh coat of yellow paint.

Viscount cabin looking aft.

Ditto, looking forward.


Can’t get enough of the Douglas A-26 Invader.

The light was all wrong to get a shot of the cockpit. One day I have to ask to sit in the left hand seat.

Viscount and Invader.



ATA – Scorpion Too helicopter

It was temporarily moved out of its hanger at the BC Aviation Museum, and was tucked under the wing of the Douglas A26 Invader. Wikipedia entry on this aircraft here.


ATA – the grass is brown

A wet and cool spring and most of the summer but in August and now through September, the sun has been shining and not much rain has fallen. This will change soon of course, the clouds are presaging the rain to come.

Edit: Angus tell me that “the closest one in that shot is a Gulfstream G150, until recently, known as an Astra. Behind it, a Lear 45”.

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ATA – VIH Sikorsky S-61

Engines just fired up. You can see some snow still on the hills (probably just north of the Koksilah valley) below the climbing Dash-8.


ATA – father’s day trip to BC aviation museum

My son and I spent some time at the museum today. Here are some random pictures – Vickers Viscount, Douglas A26 Invader, Luscombe Silveraire, Pietenpool 1933, Willys Jeep, Allison V-12, Sikorsky S-55, super DC-3, aircraft tug.

Do I have to say again that the B.C. Aviation Museum is one of the best museums around here?



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ATA – CH-149 Cormorant

AgustaWestland CH-149 Cormorant

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ATA – P-40 Curtis Kittyhawk

Almost missed this as I was driving past the airport, but the gleam of the polished aluminium caught my eye. I have no info on this particular plane, but good god it is in nice shape. Edit, I think it is this one.

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ATA – T-28 flying over

Friday evening, seen from my back porch, fun for some lucky bugger. Looks like the same T-28.

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ATA – a mixed bag

Rather mundane, but I haven’t posted a plane pic in a while.

CC-177 (C17 Globemaster)

And this bunch

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