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Tools – prototype transmission wrench

Quentin asked me to make a wrench to fit a locking nut, in Syncro transmission. Fits the nut fine, not sure yet if it clears other components in the stack. Has to be tested. The centre of the 1/2” drive hole is 2.000 inches from the centre of the nut when engaged. So you can easily do the calc to adjust torque. It’s a simple thing, waterjet cut 1/4” steel plate.

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Just interesting – waterjet cutting titanium

1/4” plate. First time we cut titanium. Was startling, but no surprise to those who do it a lot .


Tools – make a deep socket 52mm

Needed for classic landrover axle nut. Over built solution

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Vanagon – fuel rail fooling

Made a fuel rail a few weeks ago for fun. Trying out a tool and tool path. No need to do this, lots of commercial options. Last Friday I made a support for the rail, fitted up on old injectors and runners. No rubber on the injectors. And yes I have drilled and plugged , but not welded, the rail. Surprise for me is how sturdy the set up is