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Simon’s hightop painted

Picking it up from the painters, remember how it looked before?

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AAA – around another airport – Clifton, Union Island

I have posted some of these pics before, but here they are again with some notes.

First, Twotter, on final into airport. Wind is always strong and the approach is over a hill west of the strip so the plan has to drop down quickly. It reminds me of a great blue heron landing – trying hard to lose lift. Landing distance impressively short, as is the take-off distance.

The airport is unlit, here is the result of a forced night time landing. The story was a bit unclear, something to do with a group of Venezuelan business men…

There is a Mercedes firetruck on duty. Too big for the garage?

AA5B Tiger (I think I have that right) that I had a ride in.

On landing approach, close to the same spot the Otter was in the first pic.

And just about down.


Carriacou, Mayreaux, aerial pic of Clifton etc

Bit of a catch up, most of last week was spent taking underwater vid of reefs around Union island, Tobago Keys, Carriacou, and Cannouan, Here are some misc. snaps including boat drain plug held between Willis’ toes, boat rides with fairly heavy winds and respectable waves, bun with salt cod salad filling, small plane flight over area, dolphin fish (mahi-mahi/dorado), loggerhead turtle model.

On my way home, in St. Vincent now, flying out to Barbados then on to Canada later this morning.

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Fri/Sat/Sun – Union Island

A snippet of what we were up to. Not shown are the equipment failures (leaky camera housings and fickle batteries), but we did manage to take a couple of hours of vid and record some transects of the sick coral reefs around Ashton Lagoon. We got towed round the area a fair distance using a manta board, deadly for sunburn on the back of legs and the back.

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Rain boat ride to Canouan

Today (Thursday) we hired Jude and his boat to take us up to Canouan so that we could take some water samples around some of the resorts. It as very rainy and windy, and quite a bumpy boat ride. Some highlights were a stop at Charlton for brunch (bake macaroni, salad, rice, Kingfish. That fish is pretty darn good. The interesting yacht I posted earlier was spotted, it is the Kamaxitha. The rain and the wind interfered with much picture taking, so did running out of battery power.

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