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ATA – Eurocopter AS-350

After my confusion last week identifying the  Alphajet, I’m a bit hesitant with this one… Eurocopter AS-350, right?  Not the twin engined AS-355. Its a pretty lame picture in any event, sorry.

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Vanagon window regulator repair

The window on the driver’s side door on my ’86 Syncro came adrift from the winder mechanism yesterday. I wasn’t really surprised, it had been a bit wonky ever since I got the van. Today I took the door panel off and set about repairing the window. I didn’t take pics of the disassembly, but I took a couple of pics of reassembly to make up.

First, a diagram of the scene:

The regulator comes out with a bit of a struggle, but once out I took it to the bench where it was obvious why the window mechanism had failed. The picture shows the broken part (on the left, parts placed together), plus a couple of spares from my ’82 van. Notice that this piece (as is the winder assembly) is “handed”, ie different for each side.

The replacement part, with plastic guides in place:

Another problem was a missing plastic guide that sits in that rectangular hole in the above part. The plastic bit is fixed to the moving part of the winder mechanism. So I set about getting a guide from my spare assembly:

Maybe that metal part just twists off?:

Oops, I guess not:


But at least I have the plastic guide. Breaking the assembly showed that it is held together by 2 tabs on the “winding screw” projecting through the metal part, trapping the the plastic guide, and the tabs are peened over to secure. So he I go taking the same part off the regulator that I want to repair:

Tabs pressed together:

And the part freed:

Start of reassembly:

On and tabs spread:

The final result:

I guess I should mention that I cleaned the entire assembly and re-lubricated with grease. Now back out the van to re-install. I used a spring clamp to keep the window glass up and out of the way. Here is the assembly clamped on the face of the door to show the orientation:

Wiggling and tilting etc, it goes in:

That vertical track is secured at the top, and at the bottom on bottom edge of door:

The plastic guide tube (which contains the “winding screw” when the window is wound down, is curved and secured by metal tab on door:

Bolting glass carrier to regulator. Don’t tighten bolts up until you wind window up and down a couple of times. Note the hole at top of door that allows access to forward bolt:

There is a little felt pad glued to the outer door skin, I suppose its to eliminate the window rattling at some part of its travel. I glued it back on with double sided tape:


The window winder now works. It was a bit squeaky so I added some more lubrication by squirting some oil down that plastic extension tube. I think the “winding screw” may be worn in parts as the window does not lower smoothly at part, its sort of herky jerky. I’ll look into that some other time.




BAE Hawk or Alphajet?

What did I see the other day? Was it a pair of Hawks from CFB Cold Lake or were they Alpha Jets from Top Aces Incorporated?

Close up of what I saw:


And parked:

Wikipedia sourced image for the Hawk:

And Wikipedia sourced mage for the Alphjet:

They were Alphajets.

Here is a pic of Top Aces Incorporated Alphajets

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More old tool info

Some more vintage stuff.

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Shop made tools

Might be useful to some VW enthusiasts (pdf, from 8 – 18 MB each)






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Aux. Battery connection to fuse panel

Probably like a lot of you Vanagon Westy owners, I have been powering my interior lights, radio, and cig. lighter from my auxiliary battery by running a (fused) wire up and into the bottom contact of the #3 fuse spot (fuse removed) on panel. This works ok, but its sort of a kludge. I looked at the wiring diagram and noticed that there is a spare connection on “E” multiprong connector, “E3”, that goes directly to the circuit that fuse #3 powers. I have a bunch of scavenged wire pigtails that have the molex-type connecter on one end. Connect one of those pigtails to the aux. battery wire, and pop the other end into “E3”. Fuse spot #3 is left without fuse as before. Diagrams below might help, I should make an annotated one… crudely annotated diagram added.


ATA – AlphaJets, not BAE Hawks

Edit:  corrected myself, of course they are Alphajets. Apart from anything else, parking at the VIH building and not over at 443 sqdr. should have told me they were not Hawks from CFB Cold Lake, right?

Saw the pair landing yesterday just after I left the Aviation Museum. Driving past today I noticed them parked by the VIH buildings.


And about 30 minutes before take off today

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