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Vanagon – Simon’s trip continues

Making his way to Baja, where some surprises for us are in store. Yeah, he’s getting a paint job in La Paz. Before the stuff hits the fan here are some recent pics.

It’s a bit of where’s Waldo?

That last pic is another study in contrast with the hulk to the right. Yes 

I think the van looks fine as is, but the heat is getting to him and he’s thinking of a colour change. Heat is not a problem up here in B.C.

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Vanagon РAA rechargeable LiPo battery 

These are new to me and I think the idea is great. Don’t need to pack a separate battery charger, just pop the cap (cap has short elastic lanyard) and plug into USB port. Little led light on the cell goes from red to green when fully charged. The mAh rating, 1200, is less than an alkaline (not sure how it compares to NiCd or NiMH) and the discharge profile is different. That discharge profile is flat with a sudden drop at end, so the cells may not play nice with the battery life indicators on some devices. Ie, your camera may show close to full battery then suddenly empty.

I’ll give them a go and see what’s what.

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Vanagon Рcampsite at San Miguel de Allende 

On this side, the friendly multi-generational line up.

And on the other side.

A bit of a Spike and Chester thing going on 
Link to the campsite

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Vanagon – update about minor mods

I’ve been kinda quiet in the last few weeks about minor vanagon hacks and mods, my weekend time has been taken up with other chores. But I have a few things percolating in the workshop; some propane fridge modifications, yet another led strip for interior lighting, and a “new to me” connector for the solar panels. 

I think the fridge mods will be the first finished. I have this extra fridge in the workshop that I gave a complete R&R. Having it on the bench let me try out some ideas around enhanced cooling of the fins. I just have to hook up power and propane and give it go.

Oh and I’ve been playing around with the already tried mod of a PWM motor controller for the ventilation/heating and rear heater fans. It works well and would be a reasonable fix if the resistors in the stock system fail. I’m dithering about whether it’s worth installing in a functioning system.


Vanagon – campground near Morelia

Simon says it’s an amazing place.

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Vanagon – no change, Mexico still warmer than BC

Somewhere near Guadalajara Simon and Maria suffering from warmth.

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