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Trip – another wekender

nothing much to report, no bears seen ( lots and lots of salal berry bear poop though), but did see some elk.



Tool acquisition 

I’m not meaning to boast or gloat but I just got a tool I’ve wanted for a long time. Good friend Dave gave me this 24″X36″X 4″ black granite surface plate. It’s in great shape, only a couple of very minor dings, and I’m  really chuffed about it.



More old iron



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Polish dividing head

workplace purchase from recent auction at local metal work da Tory that went out of business, Ramsey Machine Works. No keen competition on the bidding on this item, I think we got it’d for 175 bucks. It looks like a very close copy of a cincinatti dividing head. It’s heavy, I can’t easily lift it and it take two to place it on the mill without bursting a gut. 

Branded as Huta, nothing on the net about it, but the company was, or still is, an arms maker. Has the cool inner ring mechanism that I think makes 400,000 possible circle divisions. 

I’ve used it already to make product. Cut the machining time down for a particular operation by… Well what took me an hour with my cobbled together jig now takes 20 minutes.

All old school stuff but so very cool. Btw, I just cleaned it up enough to use. Still needs some spit and polish ( no pun intended) but I don’t think I will be taking it completely apart any time soon.



Vintage shaper

Got this beauty for scrap metal prices. It’s old, how old? I don’t know but I would guess early 20th century. It’s a little rusty but everything moves and I think I can get some flat belts, a sturdy electric motor and have it running. Even if it is only used to cut internal key ways it will pay for itself with the first job.