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Shilling for Meguires

Was asked to treat the ’80’s style floor mats with the same stuff I used on the full front mat. Marvel at the before and after pics.

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Headcheese (brawn)

Looking at the pigs today reminded me of the time back in 2004 when I made headcheese from one of the pigs raised on the property. They weren’t “old breed” pigs, just the regular old commercial variety. Anyway, I had the butcher set aside one head for me. It came, de-brained and split, in a vacuum pack. Funny thing was one half seemed a little roughed up. I consulted a few old books and I set about making brawn. The pictures tell the story. I don’t like headcheese, but it wasn’t that bad, good sliced on a sandwich.

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2.1 l wasserboxer throttle body

Old throttle body from my spare 2.1 l engine. Note the “cut out” on butterfly plate.

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I am making a cyclekart for my son, thought I’d start posting pics. For more information on cyclekarts, see here.

Hubs are Motobecane moped hubs, I took the spokes off and machined them a bit. One front hub is shown, with machined bearing housings. The rear fixed hub is shown, its the one with the overbuilt hub adapter. Lots of aluminium shavings when I did that one.

I’ll add more text explaining the parts later.


November 29, sunny afternoon

Three days now without heavy rain.

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Cibie aux. light

Another auto wrecker find, from a JDM Pajero or Montero (can’t recall). I thinks its a Japanese market SC Oscar, its stainless with H1 bulb. I got the pair. I don’t know yet whether they are wide or narrow beam. The reason I post them here is that the housings are tantalizingly close to fitting the Iltis H4 headlights.

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Rear hatch switch

For those who have wondered…
Metal tab screwed to hatch presses on the switch on the body. The switch is slightly larger and all metal, different than the slider and front door switches.

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