Delayed switch-off interior light

Installed a delay dim interior light in drivers side. Its from a late ’80’s early ’90’s golf/jetta carat/wolfsburg models, looks like standard vanagon interior light with some added circuitry, (VW part number, 191947111
“interior light with delayed switch-off”). Very simple splicing, 2 reds (power) to the light’s 2 reds, the 2 browns (ground) to matching 2, and the brown with white stripe (switched ground, door switch) to matching wire. Works great, maybe 6 seconds delay.

But my big surprise, and I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised if I looked at the wiring diagram, is that the delay works on all the lights and all the doors, slider, back hatch, pass. door. Yup, just by installing that one light at driver’s position.

Found the light at auto wreckers, got 2 for $10.

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