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Outboard motor mount for canoe

Success! I finally found the motor mount for my canoe. Eat your heart out Felder Industries! First, some old shots of my canoe. It’s an 18′ cedar canvas canoe made by Bill Greenwood in the early ’70’s. (I snagged the pics from my long neglected website. I really should move the stuff over to this blog).

And now the mount. I suspect it was made by Greenwood. IMG_2917 IMG_2918 IMG_2919 IMG_2920

Update: I climbed up and took a pic of the mount on the canoe, the dusty canoe. Hope this helps Paul, you can see the mount pinches the inwhales and is pushed as far back as the angles on the mount allow.



Canoe dollies

For Mike’s edification…

Pic of my first canoe cart. Made in a rush before a trip in (summer 2000) from scrap white oak and wheels borrowed from my Rubbermaid wheelbarrow. Held together by galvanized lag bolts and comes apart easily for storage. The large wheels really make a difference in how it takes bumps.

Next are pics of the summer of 2003 and 2004 canoe cart, (AKA MkIV). Constructed from aluminium tubing and aluminium “Kee-Klamps”. Wheels are plastic spoked and rimmed, pneumatic tires, quick release mounts. It disassembles completely. Support strut flips sideways up out of way.

In use between Elkin and Vedan Lakes, in the W. Chilcotin, B.C. Canada, summer of 2004. It is very easy to roll, blanced slightly stern heavy so that bow is pushing up slightly on one’s hand. My son can get a free ride on the 1.5 km trip back to camp (we had just made a trip between the two lakes via the little connecting stream).