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COE Mack truck W71

Might see the owner in the next day or so and I can get some info.

Update, talked to owner. 

(Yes I missed the badge on the driver’s side)

It’s a W-71. Somewhat rare, certainly rare here on the island. This one came off a farm, has the extended cab for sleeper. Cab interior pretty rough but restorable. 

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Aston Martin valve cover

Whilst visiting the powder coating shop I espied this on the counter.


Looks like the valve cover from one bank of dohc V8. Did AM use the name lagonda on their engines in any models other than the wedgie Lagonda?

Well this site should explain,

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Which is older?

Forklift or TR?


Hudson Terraplane

Neighbour had this in yard for a spell.


Elan S2 or S3?

I don’t know, probably S3, but ain’t it sexy?


Stalled beauty

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Citroen Dyane

I commented in the last post how there are a few interesting cars around this area. Here’s one that I pass by often and finally today I stopped to take a pic.

I’d have this car in a heartbeat.