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Vanagon – Fluid Film on underbody pics

I just took quick snaps but you get the idea. The entire underbody looks wet, and in some places you can see a beige coloured thicker layer of Fluid Film where i hesitated with the application.  I did take some time to spray into the hollow frame members.

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Vanagon – Fluid Film doesn’t taste that bad

I bought a gallon of Fluid Film, that lanolin based rust preventative, a few weeks ago and I am just in from spraying the underbody of the van with the stuff. I had a bit of difficulty with the applicator I used, it did not spray the as thickly as I’d would have liked. But I think the multiple passes did the job ok. Well I have to confess, I found another applicator during the day and did a re-spray just before dark. I’ll take pics of the results when there is more light, but meanwhile here are pics of the can and the first applicator used. BTW, the consistency of the Fluid Film is a tad thicker than good quality latex paint. And yes, despite my best intentions, I ended up with the stuff everywhere. But is does make your hands baby bottom soft.



Have a look at this, a drop of Fluid Film (one of many around the workshop now) that fell onto the top of the new jerry can. I consider the grinding dust to be evidence of my hard work, not of sloppy housekeeping. Note the creeping wet spot.



Jerry can

Last week or thereabouts, I went to the local metal re-cycling yard to drop off some scrap and I came away with two finds. A nice section of 6″ stainless pipe (will be body of homemade muffler project) and this kinda cool jerry can. At first, and this is an excusable mistake as I am not a jerry can expert :), I thought it was a fuel container. But the internet came to my rescue and I identified it as a water can. Lots of info on jerry can can be found here. As far as I can tell, it is a water can, designed by Cavalier and made by McCord (the McCord part is a guess of sorts). I think 44 refers to the date, 1944. Anyhoo, the can is in pretty good shape and I wonder if I can’t use it for fuel (and use funnel). But I wonder if the inner coating will be affected by gasoline. Anyone know?