ATA – BC Aviation Museum

I spent 3 hrs at the BC Aviation Museum today. Its a fantastic place, full of incredible things. Low key and casual and what really makes it special are the volunteer guides who walk you through, offering information and personal stories of the planes and their experiences. I recommend a visit to anyone even faintly interested in aviation.

Here are some quick snaps I took and some hints to help you identify…

– Vickers Viscount being restored. The smell inside is so nostalgic, and note the size of the windows, the ashtray in seat and in washroom.

– Auster

– A26 Intruder water bomber conversion – note how the prop tip is to the ground

– Harvard and the front of the DC3/C47 (rest outside) in the workshop under going some work

– Bristol Bolingbroke (Blenheim)

– Avro Anson

– Bell 47

– Norseman

– Fleet Model 2

– T33 twin seat trainer

– RR Neme engine

– Wright Cyclone 18 cyl. radial (that’s a quarter on the shaft and on piston)

– Orenda jet engine, plaque detail

– Eastman Sea Rover

– S-55 Helicopter

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