Jan 2/3 2011

I”m just home from another overnight trip, with my son this time. I switched tires to the Nokian CS set and hoped to do a tire comparison, but the snow at spot where I had camped 2 nights before had softened and so i really could not honestly compare the tires with the Vredestein Winter Comtracs used before. We decided to move on, and we ended up camped on a pretty dismal part of Granite main logging road (I had got stuck just a little further up this road 2 days before).
Here is the google map ref link for the camp spot on road. The sort of sideways heart shaped logged logged area to the west of the green arrow (“campsite”) is where we skied to the next day.
google maps ref

On the way to that spot we had to drive past Port Renfrew . By the way, you might know Port Renfrew as the southern entry point to the west coast trail.

It looks almost tropical, not typical, in the first two pics. The eastward looking shot is where we were heading, not much snow visible. We went up “Granite Creek main”, not quite as far as where I got stuck previously and decided to camp overnight by the side of the road. Next day one of us decided to sleep in. Then on to slog along logging road to the heart shaped cut block seen on the google map ref. The snow was heavily covered in rime/hoarfrost, and the area was mostly second growth with a few reminders of the size of trees there before. Looking back to where the van is parked, near the base of that vague diagonal line at the left of the picture, then looking forward at the cut block… pretty close to a 45 degree angle, hard work cutting trees on that, eh? Then found some sun to have some chocolate and on back to the van. We headed home via Cowichan Lake, just as I did the trip before.

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