Fife 8 metre

  1. #1 by John B on December 28, 2015 - 2:19 am

    Aah, now we are talking! Sorry I do realise this was posted in 2012, just stumbled across it now while wading through your non-Syncro sections of your site. Alistair you really do have an incredibly wide range of interests and an apparent huge love of life and all things “made”, “found or discovered” and “things that need to be made!”

    Yacht racing is my real passion, may I say even more than Syncros, although all the yachtie guys know I only arrive at regattas in my “regatta vehicle” the Syncro naturally!

    I have raced since I could “bob the right way up in water” and currently race one-design small keel boats, ranging from 19ft in length to about 35 ft. (Funny that we mostly still call yacht lengths in feet not meters, here in SA anyway).

    I’ve sailed recently in Croatia, chartered and self sailed a 40ft cat for 7 days, what a pleasure, even though I don’t usually enjoy cruising. The concept of a floating sailing mini-hotel on water just works on the Med, it was amazing! Same concept as traveling in a Syncro of course, just on water! Going again as soon as our Rand (if ever) comes back to one or two points above completely useless. Love our president!

    Do you sail?

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