Camperisation Part 2

I did some trial fittings and screwed down some cabinets in final positions. Made a spacer for bracket that holds pass. side of rear bench to wall of van. I mentioned in “the start of camperisation” post that the rear bench did not fit as tight to the wall in the syncro as it did in the ’82 Westy. The spacer allows the bracket to be used and bolts the bench tight to the wall.

Wardrobe actually fit in without cutting headliner. Bracket at back on engine deck is fixed in place, and wardrobe is bolted to next cabinet and that cabinet is bolted to rear bench. Its alll pretty secure even though low cabinet not attched to van wall yet and also the rear bench is not bolted down to floor yet.

Overhead cabinet bolted to wardrobe and held up on other end by prop until I figure out a support bracket to hold it to ceiling and to pass. side wall. In the Westy, its bolted to flat ceiling (plywood) which is the upper bunk. You can see how the ceilings differ in that there is a space between overhead cabinet and the ceiling. The Mosaik “kit” has a differently shaped cabinet face to account for ceiling difference. (I can’t seem to find a pic of that modified cabinet right a the moment) I will have to do something to fill gap between cabinet and ceiling.

Apart from little fitment issues, the cabinets went in pretty easily. Next step is making holes for propane lines and watertank and sink drains.


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