Westy new old floor

I couldn’t help myself, this evening I put the floor tracks and the old floor I made for my ’82 Westy (original “82 Westy floor, cut into 3 strips, faced with luan door skin plywood, and shellacked) into the Syncro. The floor has weathered pretty well, mind you it has been covered by foam and carpet, but still its 10 years old.

I need to do some minor fitting to get it just right but now the camperisation is really coming together.

Here’s what I wrote in my old web site about the floor in the old “82 Westy:

“Back in ’00, when I reno’ed the interior of my van, I replaced the foor.

Early Westies (like my ’82) had a floor made from carpet covered plywood. Later vanagons had a “floor track system” that I thought was useful as it allowed the installation of a stand-alone seat, or a second bench seat.

So I got the tracks from a wrecker (they are bolted to the steel floor of the van) I ripped the original (awful quality) plywood into three sections, faced them with luan plywood (3mm doorskins) and installed the whole shebang. The luan ply is finished with shellac and wax. I trimmed the original carpet to lay on top of the new floor.

The shellac and wax finish has held up surprisingly well but is quite slippery, doh! The carpet would slip around on it until I installed a foam flooring material discovered at the local Home Depot (I had originally wanted to face the ply with some cork flooring – still will someday).

The foam is about 3/4″ thick and the edges interlock together. I don’t know what kind of plastic it is made from, but it is like a beefed up version of those foam jigsaw puzzles for kids.

One package (around Ca$19) makes a square about 4 feet by 4 feet, not quite large enough to do the Westy floor perfectly, but it works fine.

The foam just lays on the ply, trimmed a little to fit the cabinet projections and stops the carpet from slipping as well as providng a very nice feel to the floor. Also, it comes right out with no fuss and can be used as a seating/lying/playing pad when camping.”

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