Vanagon – propane skid plate prototype

I’ve been mucking around with the notion of better protection of the westy propane tank. I wanted a bit of extra cover to reduce the amount of dirt on the tank fittings and also some protection for the copper lines that lead up into the van. Here are some pics of one prototype. During the making of this one I had a better idea, so another version is in the works.

This one appears to hang lower than the stock skid plate, but in fact it sits a tad higher. I think the unpainted aluminum and the side plate gives the visual effect of sitting lower.

Oh, and I do get a lot of muck thrown up on to the side of the van. Combination of not having my mudflaps on and the 25mm offset of the rims. 

I’ll do another post on this skid plate showing it with side plate off and explaining why there is a half moon cut out on side plate.

  1. #1 by paul gordon on December 2, 2016 - 4:32 am

    Nice work Allister. Any possible, potential problems with dissimilar metals? Paul.

    • #2 by albell on December 2, 2016 - 6:13 am

      Hi paul,

      Well I don’t think too much worry . The slot headed studs you see on the side plate are stainless panel fasteners . A spring loaded screw that is pressed into the panel ( and thus retained) and which screws into a tapped and helicoiled holes in the skidplate. So yes there will, or could be, corrosion between the screw and the panel. And how about the aluminum against the steel securing tabs on the tank? Yeah well, again yes in theory but I’ve found very little in my other aluminum additions – the underbody protection and the bumpers, and let’s not mention the engine 🙂

      Also , I’ll be painting the skidplate with some rubberized rockerguard stuff.

      But more on that and the construction details later.




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