Trip – last weekend

Weather great, didn’t get lost, only one thing broke* on the van. The main logging roads were rougher than usual, seems that a lot of  the gravel has gone and the bigger rocks underneath are exposed. It’s like driving on very rough cobble.

*a leak on the fresh water line from the new pump to faucet. Manifested itself by a little drip under the sliding door. Didn’t do a field repair, the leak seemed to be in part of line behind the fridge. Wasn’t bad enough to go to all the bother of pulling fridge. But at home, pulled fridge, and I lifted the entire floor (to get it dry). Found the tiny leak at a section of hose that ran adjecent to the fridge combustion chamber. It’s my fault, I secured the line back there with tie downs but too close to that chamber. I’m guessing that the new water pump made enough pressure to weaken the hose that was softened by the heat. Was just a pinhole leak, but still…


  1. #1 by edbee on August 6, 2016 - 9:44 am


    Looks nice. Which logging road is that? With my newly acquired Back Roads of Vancouver Island map book, I am planning to start learning about some “off the beaten track” routes on the island.

    • #2 by albell on August 6, 2016 - 9:46 am

      Oh I’m not telling you here on the blog, think I’m crazy?




  2. #3 by trft on August 6, 2016 - 2:17 pm

    Yes, some of us think you are crazy. But then again my extreme paranoia associated with driving the Camper on weird and/or long road trips over too many years is not to be outdone by many. So crazy is only a relative standard.

    So, uh, you say it was your fault because you did this or that, but I know things. And some things aren’t normal. VW Campers that have been lived in for a long time are like old dogs that lie down in front of you and stare back thinking, ‘What happens next?’ And what can you say? Some have faith before charity. Others only have hope. And all will have nothing before it’s all over.

    • #4 by albell on August 6, 2016 - 5:31 pm


      I don’t think I’m that crazy. But I’m not the best judge. Routing the water line so close to the fridge was a mistake, but it worked until the high pressure pump was added to the mix. Now I know, but life is all playing catch up isn’t it?




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