Vanagon – fresh water pump update

A few posts back I described how I installed an inexpensive diaphragm put in the van. I did it quickly, was keen to try it out on a trip. The other day I relocated it to what I think is a better spot.

I removed the in tank pump, the bilge pump type unit I was using as a stock replacement, and pulled the electrical wires out through the hr grommet at top of tank. I sealed the grommet wi a 1/4-20 stainless bolt and nut.

I shifted the little black box that is the water level indicator unit ( for the old style water level system) so that I could screw the pump to the wall between the cupboard and tank.

Electrical connection was very convenient, two wire plastic connector right there, just swapped over from the old pump.

You notice that the little wall that separates the cupboard from the wiring has been removed. I, like many other owners, removed that wall early on to gain a little bit more cupboard room. To protect the wiring from shifting cupboard contents, I screwed on a bit of the cheap carpet I’m using as cupboard bottom liner.

The pumps is a bit quieter back here. Still louder than the in tank pump, but considering the increase in flow and pressure, the additional noise is really acceptable. And for goodness sakes, just how long are you going to have the faucet turned on? 🙂

There is one, or maybe two, more things I’d like to add the the install. First one I will certainly will do, and that is add a relay back up front under the sink. You see, the eurovan faucet wiring is pretty skinny stuff. It’s not a long run from where it connects to existing wiring, but I’d rather that the switch is not handling the full 2.5 A of pump draw.

The second improvement that I probably won’t get around to but would be neat, is a little pressure tank accumulator. It’s what’s used in other RV and marine installs. Not sure if I really need it and if I am willing to devote space to it, I’ll see.

  1. #1 by daswolfgang on July 17, 2016 - 1:45 pm

    Loving your BLOG. Been following it for a while now. Very interesting. I have a blog for my van at if you fancy taking a look 🙂 Andy

    • #2 by albell on July 17, 2016 - 2:18 pm

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks, it’s ways great to read nice words about the blog. Gonna add your blog to list of links on side of page.
      I just looked at your high bar post, where your painted the mechanism. Did you notice any wear at the middle hinge? I’ve got a spare assembly and I keep meaning to have a look at that hinge and see if it can be made better. Recent samba thread, can’t find it now, had a guy installing roller bearing there.



      • #3 by daswolfgang on July 17, 2016 - 11:06 pm

        I’ve seen that they can wear through almost completely. I think some people modify the tube where the wear takes place by adding a solid piece of tube and welding it in place. Mine did have signs of wear but wasn’t enough to make me address it (although I’m probably going to live to regret it). Ideally I could do with getting another H Bar assembly like you have done, and doing the mod on that then swapping it over. Thanks for the reply. I think I found your BLOG a year or so (just after I got my van) . You’re far more competent at fabrication than I am. Would love to have the skills you have in that arena. 🙂

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