Vanagon – Doka pedal assembly 

The Doka has a clutch that engages approximately 5 Angstroms above full pedal. Some work has to be done, but I noticed when I was mucking around with the dash off that there was a lot of play in the clutch pedal.

I’ve posted about clutch pedal play before, right here. Indulge me as I go through it briefly again.

damn wordpress, I’m still composing this post…

Ok, some say you can get the pedal assembly out with the dash in place, coming straight up out where the instrument cluster sits. Perhaps, but you have to bend a wrench to get the forward two bolts that hold the straps that run from dash to body. Might as well take the dash off. Oh, and taking the rubber pedal pads off the pedals makes things easier believe it or not.

Pull the brake master cylinder from the booster. No need to disconnect the brake lines, but you have to remove the fabric covered rubber hose that supplies fluid to the clutch master. And also remove the vacuum line to the booster. Pull the elbow from the rubber grommet rather than trying to remove the hard plastic from the elbow.

Disconnect the metal clutch line from the clutch master. Spill more brake fluid. I hate the feeling of brake fluid on my hands.

Four 13mm headed bolts hold the pedal assembly to the van. Then it comes up out behind that body beam.

Ok, off to the bench with the messy bugger. How about a clumsy video that tries to show the amount of clutch pedal play?

Well there wasn’t as much play in the clevis pin and yoke as I thought there was. But there was a lot of play between the rod that screws into the yoke and the cup it fits into in behind the master cylinder boot.  There is that rod in the next pic, the clutch pedal removed from the assembly.

See? The hole isn’t as wallowed as I thought it would be. And the pin is in fair shape. I measured the pin, 7.95mm. I’m supposing the hole would have been nominally 8mm diameter.

Blobbed in some metal.


Filed off. Maybe a 7/10? I left a bit of a hole in the middle on purpose, to give me a hole location.


Believe it or not, I have a 7.5mm drill bit and an 8mm chucking reamer. This entire exercise was worthwhile for just being able to use them.



And the pin fit into the hole just right.


You know, I should have done the same thing with the brake pedal, it wasn’t as loose as the clutch pedal but it was, and is, a little worn.

Alright, put the things back together (cleaned and greased).


Adjusted the rod from the yoke to the master for just a little play and this is the result.


  1. #1 by Gordon Thompson on November 22, 2015 - 4:41 am

    thanks for the recent posts with the yellow doka,the pedal and clutch posts are great,have bookmarked them for future reference,gordon

    • #2 by albell on November 22, 2015 - 8:58 pm


      Hey, glad it helped. I’ve still got the assembly out of the van. Maybe I can get it back in this week, I’ll take pics as I go . I didn’t during removal as I was trying to avoid the brake fluid.



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