Overnighter NW of Port Renfrew

We grabbed the chance to do a little exploring on the south end of the island (Vancouver Island), specifically just northwest of Port Renfrew. The area you get to if you hang a left instead of a right after the high bridge over the Gordon River.

Typical, secondary and not heavily used logging road.

Further on, around 680 meters elevation, some old growth but mostly second growth (guessing old growth cut in the 60’s-70’s, perhaps later). Lots of Yellow Cedar, one down across road but a section at end cut and easily moved to get past (yes, patch of snow there).

And found a nice viewpoint to camp.

Olympic Peninsula (USA) in the distance, Cape Flattery on extreme right.

Like a bad haircut, or having a hightop on the van, the campsite was fine looking out, not so bucolic looking in. Still, no one around and plenty of firewood (felt like a millionaire burning Yellow Cedar, the scent is divine).

Tired dogs.

A couple of little lakes close by, here is a glimpse of one.

The clouds and rain moved in next day.

The “Excelsior” proved its worth at breakfast time.

Typical view when rain comes, looking north east.

We spent the wet day exploring the roads a little, but the low cloud made it a silly exercise. couldn’t see much. Headed back home via long loop up via Gordon River watershed and Cowichan valley (some pics of Gordon River area in this post). All in all a great little trip.

Oh, forgot to include one of those “same place, different time” shots. Side road on Gordon Main (TR4 I think), again on slash, where my son and I camped overnight while exploring region last year.


And now:

Addendum: I was asked about pressure cooker beside “The Excelsior”. It is my EKCO model I use winter camping and in the van, had it for 30+ years. I bought it second hand and it seems the model at least, dates from the ’40’s. Found an ad at this site.


  1. #1 by joel Salter on May 21, 2012 - 8:23 pm

    thanks for posting your journey. I recently came across a EKCO pressure cooker at an estate sale. Wow what a great cooker to have on board the 85 Westy weekender. I use it for many things. It is simple and safe.

    Great to see the NW in your photos. I hope to get up there some time in the near future with my rig.

    Happy Trails,

    • #2 by albell on May 21, 2012 - 8:29 pm

      Thanks Joel. It was a nice, if short, trip. I really like exploring logged areas, west coast especially.

      The cooker is a trooper 🙂


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