Vanagon syncro aux. back up light bracket

I want to put an auxiliary back up light on my ’86 syncro but never have found an attachment method I liked. That is until Brett H. told me about how he did it, so all credit for this bracket idea goes to him. I used scrap stainless stock I had in the workshop (hence the double holes shown) and I have an old bumper that I could do trial fittings on. Pretty simple bracket, easy bends.

It bolts to the bumper using one of the holes that the plastic clips on the rubber “rub strip” attaches to.

The lamp housing is one of a set I found at the Salvation Army some years ago. I had one on the front of my old ’82 westy, fitted with a 250 W aircraft lamp. The test fitting on the old bumper looked ok.

It is possible to attach the bracket while the bumper is on the van.

I enlarged the hole that the plastic clip was set into so that the rub strip would fit over the bolt.

The rub strip fits back on quite well, I was lucky with the hole enlarging, it seems to grab the bolt head.

Attaching the lamp to the bracket showed that I need to tweak things a bit, light is pointing slightly down. I’ll make an adapter tomorrow and show the electrical part of the install. Oh, in the pic above, the bracket is to the right of the license plate (seen on the left).


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