Vanagon heater hose insulation

While I was under the van installing the newly balanced propshaft, (prelim. verdict is good, but I haven’t tightened up front diff. mounts yet. Letting things find their happy place), I wrapped the heater lines to the front heater with some pipe insulation. Why did I do both the feed and the return? Well to be honest, I didn’t know which was which. I still haven’t figured out the coolant path through the added hoses that the Webasto heater brings to the party.

The pics make it look like the hoses hang low, but they don’t. White cable ties are all I had. Who cares anyway, its under the fricken van!

Update, 13/05/2011. I’m not happy with the way the insulation is handling the abuse under the van. For one thing, the foam under the cable ties has compressed so that the ties needed tightening. Also the foam is ripped in places, from road debris. I need to find a tougher material to put down there.


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