Vanagon – Westy kitchen panel graphic

Jim Felder made this up, kudos to him. He writes:

“Today I got ambitious on a project I have been wanting to do for a long
time. It’s a replacement overlay for flaking, peeling and rusting front
panels for 83-up vanagons. It’s in brown, of course, because that’s what I
have. If someone will scan a grey one, I will make that version available
(I need to get the color right… if someone just wants to scan and sample
the CMYK mix in photoshop, that will work too).

You should be able to have this printed out on a variety of substrates,
depending on the capabilities of your local sign shop. Cut out the holes
for the LEDs (white circles, you may even be able to get this printing on
the backside of lexan with clear windows for the LEDS instead of punching
them out). Remove your old metal panel and sand and respray it. Cut the
printed file out at the outline, it should fit exactly within the debossed
inset of your panel.”

pdf file here:

LED panel layout

Here is a jpeg version:

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