Replacing that buggered caliper

I bought a rebuilt caliper to replace the one I buggered up the other day. Its a pretty straightforward install. The new caliper came with a bolt for a banjo type fitting for the brake line, but no worries, the flare connection fits properly in the threaded hole. There was one minor hang up, the new caliper slider hit the brake backing plate, see the front (left) part of the slider hitting the backing plate?

Another view:

So I cut of a bit of the backing plate:

And then it all went together fine and I pressure bled the brake:

Had a look at the other side, here is a shot of the broken nipple (soaking in a rust buster type fluid):

I wanted to bleed this side via the hydraulic line connection, but I couldn’t shift that union so I thought it wise (!) to soak the joint in rust buster and get back to it later. I got enough brake pedal with the rest of the system bled. Here is a shot of that same side and see how that caliper slider clears the backing plate:

Last thing was to bleed the clutch hydraulics. No air came out ( surprisingly I had clutch function before bleeding), but a fair bit of dirty fluid:

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