Vanagon camperisation, part 3

Not much progress in the last couple of days. A new rear windscreen washer pump was bought from dealer (best price, 20 bucks, had the option of $120 original from dealer, or a rather suspicious “trico” brand one from local parts supplier). I removed the old sink drain bulkhead fitting, you can see how I repaired it years ago with some red plastic. I looked for a stainless fitting to replace it with, but could not find one.

Also, I pulled all the cabinets and drilled holes for the rear most 2 attachment points for propane tank. The forward 2 points use the existing welded nuts for the seat tracks, but new ones had to be drilled, metal “washers” installed and the bolt held in place by nylock nut underneath. Silicon caulk applied liberally, and all 4 bolts stainless steel. The fridge vent hole was cut. I used paper to make a “rubbing” of the shape and location of hole on my Westy, and taped the paper to the syncro and first drilled the screw holes, then used punches to make the “ear” shaped curves and finally a saw for the rest. I taped the base of the saw to insure no scratches on van’s side.

I also put in a second battery and automatic charge relay. The install is preliminary, nowhere near picture worthy yet.

Finally, today I installed my “Shady Boy” awning. I really like this awning, lightweight, simple, and it works. Picture show it deployed without guy lines or down draught poles.

  1. #1 by patrick on January 17, 2011 - 3:00 am

    hi there again. i commented on the middle seat conversion – nice job – i have some seats and will get going on it when i get the runners. i was also thinking of a shadyboy awning (great minds think alike?) but wondered if it would withstand the British weather? is it sturdy under strongish winds or is it more of a fair weather sunshade?

    keep up the good work on the site



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