Westy sink/stove top rattles

Every Westy owner knows that the stove top rattles when you’re driving on bumpy roads. The rattling can be reduced by:

– making sure latch on top adjusted properly

– installing new rubber/foam bumpers under lid front edge

– laying a tea towel or sponge on stove grate before closing top

– making sure that drain tray in held firmly by bullet catches in lid (not applicable to Canadian market versions)

The rattling comes mostly, I think, from the stove grill and drain tray. But looking at the kitchen unit on the bench, I could see that the groove that the stove top sits in the cabinet is wide enough to allow the rear of the stove top to move up and down a couple of millimeters or so. The front fo the stove top is held firmly by the metal front panel (or should be if all the screws are in place tight), but the rear is only held by one screw to the back grill that runs the full length of kitchen unit. I tightened up the fit of the stove top in the groove with some thin plastic shims, silicon caulked in place. Pics show left and right sides, the gaps and the fix. The rear grill was removed.

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