Again with the prop shaft

My last posts showed how the transmission flange is pointing down at a steeper angle than the front diff flange. I could not see a way of easily changing the transmission angle so I decided to shift the front diff. I supported the diff with a bottle jack and took off the front carrier and the rubber mount. You can see where the mounts go in the diagram, (No. 6). Looking at the mounts, I could see the lower mount was squished a bit.

So I swapped the thicker, or less collapsed top mount with the lower mount, and I added a couple of washers for good measure to help lift the front of the diff. so that the rear, where the flange is, would point down more.

I did a quick measurement with the Beall Angle Box, and the flanges were within half a degree of each other. My laser thingy showed that the angle had indeed changed, calculated out at approx. 0.65 degree difference…but I am not confident in my measurements. The electronic angle finder is sensitive to how it is placed on the flange and the laser pointer is not perfectly fitted at 90 degrees to the base so that it scribes a 1 cm circle when rotated. I have to refine my methods, but its close enough for the time being.

So I put the drive shaft in and took the van for a drive…. still a slight vibration at 50 kph (mind you, it is less than before). I left the bolts on the 2 rear most rubber mounts of the front diff. loose, wondering if the diff will find its happy spot during driving. No such luck. Will try again but with yoke bolts loose. Next “major” step is to go over lateral alignment.

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