prop shaft alignment again

Did another quick check on the transmission and front diff. flange angles, this time with my little “Beall Tilt Box” electronic angle finder.

Accounting for the the angle the van was sitting at (approx. 0.25 degrees) I measure a downward angle at the transmission flange of 4.90 degrees and at the front diff. flange I measured a downward angle of 2.50 degrees.

This is pretty close to the quick laser measurement (and subsequent trig calc. ) of 2.45 degrees and 4.45 degrees I did yesterday.

Time now to measure it with more care, using both methods, and then to see if I can adjust either the transmission or the front diff. angles so that they are the same.

God this blog must seem like the most boring place on earth… what an anorak I am turning into.

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