Vanagon – rear jack point/trailing arm protector

I’ve had a copy of the VW publication “Journeys under difficult conditions” since the early nineties. It’s a guide to modifications and tips for vanagon and LT owners who are planning on taking some rough trips.  You get the impression that it is mostly centred on trips to North Africa, but the body protection modifications are pretty universal.

I only have a photocopy of the document, but I think it has been uploaded elsewhere. Maybe

Anyway, I finally made something from the plans. It’s a simple little thing meant to protect the rear jack points and trialling arm outer mount from damage. I made it from 316 stainless and just cut the stock with an angle grinder and zip disk. I made the bend in a vise, you can see the bend is not as crisp as it would be if i had used a press brake. But it fits up fine.






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