Vanagon – looking at pop top truss head bolt alternatives

I hate the truss head bolts used on the Vanagon pop top. They are hard to unscrew and they rust. Some vendors sell stainless steel versions (it is a M6 x 1.0, 20mm long). Phil Z. used oval head stainless machine screws stainless cup washers (he filled the back side of the cup washer with thickened epoxy), and they looked pretty good. But I wanted try something else, something with a big head and that looked good, I only had 50% success. I made a cup washer of sorts from 1/4″ aluminium and used a M6 machine screw and I think it looks a bit odd.

I had another go, this time with the bolts that fix the pop top assist struts to the fibreglass. A bit better looking or maybe not.

On the other hand, they don’t look *that* bad, and certainly better than what was there before. Who am I kidding? The last one looks like crap. Here is another attempt.

  1. #1 by mariusstrom on September 25, 2011 - 8:06 pm

    I liked the first one best – but only if your screw heads can match the shiny-ness of the cup washers.

    • #2 by albell on September 25, 2011 - 8:29 pm

      Thanks for the feedback, I think I’ll make the button type for all the front luggage rack screws (only made two of them so far). I can buff the screw heads shiny, no problem 🙂


      PS I’m mulling over other ideas for the hinge screws, only because I am baulking at making 8 identical sup washers.

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