Giant Burdock

Last fall I threw some Giant Burdock burrs down on the front garden. It may seem crazy, but I like the plants but I won’t let them spread. The flower stalks haven’t appeared yet but the leaves are huge. Edit – I didn’t know this, “Burdock has the little known yet precise designation monocarpic herb. This means a seedling grows for a varying period of years, usually two to four, until its root has stored enough energy to produce a flower stem. The plant dies only after flowering. In a shady, dry location Burdock must wait a long time. Rich soil, well-bathed in sunshine, lets Burdock send up its huge flower stem in its second year of growth. Other monocarpic herbs are Angelica and Giant Hogweed.” More info here.

  1. #1 by Phil on July 25, 2011 - 11:57 am


    Isn’t that leaf growth phenomenal?

    The Giant Hogweed, its noxious nemesis!
    Along a trail I hike, watched the GH grow during the past 5-6 years..
    This year it bloomed…. Yikes!
    Knocked the blooms off while they were still green.
    Keeps the seeds from spreading in the wind or in the river…
    Doesn’t do squat for eradicating the weed though.

    Nice work on cutting the hole in the Syncro…


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