Westy sink p-trap

I have the cabinets out of my ’82 westy and while moving the sink/stove top I carelessly broke off the hose barb that connects the sink drain hose. I had replaced that part years ago after i broke it the first time, this time I decided I didn’t need a p-trap on the sink. Why do you need a p-trap there, eh?

I took the trap assembly off (4 screws and a gasket) and I connected the drain hose directly to the sink drain “spout”. That spout is still made of the suspect brittle plastic but try as I might, I could not unscrew the plastic from the stainless sink. Heating the drain hose, which by the way is 28 inches long, with a heat gun allowed me to get the hose over that spout, and secure with spring type hose clamp. Its not a barbed spout, but the hose is on there pretty darn tight.

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