Auxiliary fuse panel

I found this handy little fellow on 2002 model year New Beetle ( I believe they are in Golfs/Jettas too). I used it on my 82 I4 engine westy, attached right on top of starting battery as an auxiliary fuse panel. I had it wired to an automatic charging relay (Blue Sea systems #7600) and “house battery”.
Its handy to have those 4 fusible links (2 X 110 A, 2 X 50 A) and 3 spade fuses to connect various accessories.

Addendum: I now have it installed in my ’86 syncro, mounted under driver’s seat. Instead of using the stock pigtail I’v introduced power from the Blue Seas ACR (which is mounted under passenger seat) into the box via the connection to the fusible link on the right. My auxiliary battery positive is connected to the next fusible link. I have tapped power via the 3 spade connection (with the spade type fuses) on the left:

-one to the kitchen unit for the water pump, fridge (not 12 V cooling function though), and indicator lights.

– one to my stereo head unit

– one to connection E3 on back of fuse panel (see this post)

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