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Vanagon – Sexy Simon’s van in Guerrero Negro

With the paint fresh and fragrant, the vanagon heads north up the peninsula.

Shake that money maker…

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Vanagon – It’s a delicious spangle!

Just got the pics from Simon in Mexico, and the van is painted. Its Honda sunburst orange with black strip on window line and rockers. Simon says the colour really changes with the light and you can see that in the pics. I think it looks great, almost lickable 🙂 

Addendum May 12, 2017.

Trevor commented that it reminded him of the new Air Canada livery. Yeah, I can see that .


Vanagon – Simon’s hightop primed

Maybe more bits and bobs should have been taken off the body? I’m guessing the next pics will show the colour choice.

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Aston Martin valve cover

Whilst visiting the powder coating shop I espied this on the counter.


Looks like the valve cover from one bank of dohc V8. Did AM use the name lagonda on their engines in any models other than the wedgie Lagonda?

Well this site should explain,

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Vanagon – Simons update from la Paz 

He’s doing it, he’s getting the van painted, no turning back now.

Also, he saw the Go Westy entrant in the 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000.

Simon writes: I met Lucas of GoWesty fame there, he mentioned that the rig has the new GoWesty 2.7L bored-out WBX (hadn’t heard of that, forgot to ask him if it was ‘super-duper’). 🙂

Cheeky Simon.