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Vanagon – Syncro high top at the beach

Simon’s trip continues to taunt us northerners.


Vanagon – syncro high top on farm in Mexico┬á

Simon continues south.


Vanagon – extinguisher holder

It’s already March and only now do we get the first entry  for the “Silliest Vanagon Mod of the Year Award”

I decided to relocate my fire extinguisher from behind the front seat to the stock westy location at the sliding door. Here’s an old pic of the behind the seat location.


 It’s just a bit of pvc tubing mounted to the cabinet and really it worked quite well for years ( originally in my 82 westy and transferred to the syncro). But with the solar panel charge controller on the same cabinet face, making the connections to the portable panels was more awkward with the extinguisher there.

But the harebrain fairy must have visited me during the night, I ditched the pvc tube style mount and and went leather.

I’ve got a bunch of full grain leather off cuts, all different colours and none very large. So silly things like this use them up.


Vanagon – high top syncro at Joshua Tree

Simon is making his way south. Up here is has been sitting around 4C and rain, he’s hitting 37C and dry. The bugger ­čÖé

Check out that bike rack.

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Vanagon – poor wee dug


Vanagon – tree, van, dogs, Simon┬á

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Vanagon – study in contrasts