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Stage prop – “The Master’s Laser Screwdriver”

I was asked to make a copy of  “The Master’s Laser Screwdriver” for a Dr. Who parody. Here it is, a pretty crude and liberal interpretation. BTW, the lights do come on when the front section extends (spring loaded).

And a very, very amateurish vid showing the spring action.


Vanagon – VW pop top insulation

Borrowed from good friend Simon, this genuine accessory is supposed to be installed outside the pop top but with the rain fly on, I thought I’d see if it was able to be installed inside. A little bit of a wrestling match, but it goes in and stands up by itself. Hey, notice I still haven’t installed an upper bunk.


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Vanagon – Go-Westy “Wasserstopper” rain fly

Note: clip fitment issue resolved, see this post

A Xmas gift installed. Over all pretty good but I don’t like the side clips that are supposed to hook on to the rain gutters. They have a too tight curve and don’t grip well. Also, the strap that goes in the front doors and hold the front of the fly down tight to the van is not that great of a method. I’ll try modifying both. However, as is, the clips do attach to the Shady Boy awning box. No way to get them to attach to the gutter with the awning box in the way. Link to Go Westy product page here.


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Vanagon – Small Car stainless header failure

Was installed new about a year ago, in a EJ25 powered syncro. I suppose disappointing would be one way to describe it.



Vanagon – picking up a high top

The start of Simon’s big adventure, a “Get-Away” hightop rescued from a decrepit ’82 Vanagon and taken to Simon’s place.




Novel fishing lure

Found amongst a large collection of fishing gear. The directions sure reflect the attitudes of the time it was made, guessing the ’70’s?

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Fife 8 metre

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